Even though soccer season has come to an end, the women’s soccer team is still having success, as senior Taylor Farland was chosen for the New England Women’s Intercollegiate Soccer Association (NEWISA) Senior Bowl on Dec. 2. The NEWISA Senior Bowl consists of every Division III college in New England placing their seniors names within the bowl and look to see who is chosen. NEWISA looks to have other coaches and teams collaborate together, as well as recognize soccer athletes for their hard work.

Jake Paquin / Equinox Staff

Jake Paquin / Equinox Staff

Farland said it was exciting and an accomplishment in itself. She admitted it was nice to see that among all the coaches in Division III soccer, that they still thought that she was a strong enough player to compete with some of the higher division athletes. “It was cool to see all the different schools that were put into it. There’s [Massachusetts Institute of Technology], there’s Springfield [College], all these other programs that are strong, so it was really cool to see that among those coaches they thought I was a strong enough player,” said Farland.

Farland admitted with humor that she found out about getting picked for the NEWISA Senior Bowl through a previous KSC women’s soccer athlete who now coaches at Springfield College and afterwards heard from her KSC coach, but that all in all it was exciting news to hear. “It was a rewarding accomplishment , definitely not expected, but all the more rewarding,” said Farland.

Farland was not the only one excited, soon after being congratulated by her teammates, friends, family, and coaches. Farland said her friends all congratulated her accomplishment and celebrated the fact that a KSC athlete was chosen for the NEWISA Senior Bowl.

Her fellow seniors, including Kali Santino, Gretchen Greene, Julia Pearson, Marianna Porcello, Katie Silegy and Morgan Kathan, congratulated her on her hard work and effort.

Each senior said that they were very happy for Farland and excited for her to have such an amazing opportunity connecting to soccer.

Apart from her teammates, Farland’s parents are very excited and happy for her and plan to make the drive up to see her play in her final collegiate soccer game.

Farland also said that a lot of her lacrosse friends noticed she had been chosen and congratulated her.

“It’s cool to see that other people are paying attention as well and that it’s not just my soccer friends who noticed it,” said Farland.

All in all, Farland finished her KSC career as a four time All-Little East Conference (LEC) athlete, scored 41 goals, and had 15 assists that contributed to 97 points.

Now Farland gets to lace up her cleats one more time, facing her last collegiate game in her jersey.

The pride that is seen in the KSC community will reflect on Farland as she represents KSC with pride.

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