For many, college is a time when students are exposed to a variety of worldviews they may have been unfamiliar with.

CRU is a student organization that welcomes anyone interested in exploring the Bible and what it says. Keene State College Adjunct Professor and CRU faculty advisor James Sharrock said the variety of beliefs and values students are exposed to on a college campus often causes them to question their own beliefs. Sharrock said, “I think it’s a really good time to ask those questions and to really search for truth.” He added that CRU is an ideal place to come if you have questions about the God of the Bible.

Angelique Inchierca / photo editor

Angelique Inchierca / photo editor

However, CRU is not just a place to talk about religion. KSC junior Emily Killmer has been involved with CRU for two years now. She said although they do have conversations focused on the Bible, they also play games and have outings and parties. “It’s a really fun place to get away from the stress of classes and just hang out,” Killmer said.

Killmer added that she thinks one of the most important things about CRU is that everyone is comfortable being themselves. “It’s just a loving community and a really comfortable environment,” Killmer said.

KSC sophomore and CRU president Victoria Milne said CRU is really about fellowship. She said it is a community of people that may not share the same faith, but are interested in exploring the Bible and its meaning. “[CRU is] a campus ministry with the goal of connecting students to each other and to Jesus,” Milne said.

Students do not have to convert to Christianity to join the club, either. “We don’t care where you’re coming from, just come and hang out with us,” Killmer said. “We have some people who don’t say that they’re Christians, and that’s totally fine.”

Sharrock said that although some of the students attending CRU meetings identify as Christians, some are there out of curiosity. “Everyone’s on their own journey,” Sharrock said.

Sharrock added that the purpose of CRU is to reach students who are unsure of what they believe and to help them address difficult questions about faith that they cannot answer alone. He said any student with any questions is welcome, regardless of religious affiliation. “Not only do we accept them, but we welcome and want them,” Sharrock said.

CRU meetings occur Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in the Madison Street Lounge. To anyone who may be hesitant to look into CRU, Milne said there is nothing to be afraid of. “We’re open to everyone from every different background and we want to hear your thoughts,” Milne said. “We’re here for a discussion. If you’re interested and you want to explore what Christianity possibly looks like, this is a great and safe place to do it.”

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