To my love,

This isn’t easy for me to say, but I cannot keep hiding behind this mask that I wear. I may seem to enjoy the more feminine things in life, but it is only a cover for what is truly going on inside. This is not something that has happened suddenly; I have known for a very long time, maybe my whole life, but I have been so scared to share this part of me until I met you. Deep inside, I do not feel like the person I portray on the outside. I am your boyfriend, I hope you love me all the same. The thought of matching a dress with you, of finding the perfect bride and bride wedding topper, of spending our days as women in love simply cannot excite me anymore, for I would love nothing more than to be your husband, find the perfect tie to match your dress, to carry you across the threshold on our wedding night. I hope this doesn’t change anything between us or scare you in any way. I can understand you may be confused, I can understand you may feel hurt, but I promise I will always be the same person, and I will still love you from the bottom of my heart. Sadly, things will change; I will become the man I truly am inside. There will be hardship, sadness and trials to face, but I wish to face them with your hand in mine. We will no longer be looked at as “normal,” and I know that will be hard for both you and me, but I hope we will be together to find what normal means to us and ignore the looks of others, for they mean nothing to me for as long as I have you. We will talk about this more as things change and as time goes by, but never be afraid to ask me any question you could have. I will be waiting for you to read this with open arms and a nervous mind, so please let us talk as soon as you have.


Your love


This week, we extend even greater support to individuals in the LGBTQ+ community that are coming out, have already come out or are trying to figure out how or when to come out, as this week is Coming Out week. Coming out is a very important step for an individual in the LGBTQ+ community, especially to someone important like their friends, families and spouses. This process can be very nerve-racking, so much so that people will often not come out at all to their families or friends. If someone comes out to you, please try to be understanding and respectful of them. This may be uncomfortable for you, but it is even more uncomfortable for them, and you should deem yourself lucky if they chose to come out to you directly. They’ve confided in you and trusted you would understand. Please show compassion and respect for the wishes of those who have decided to come out, be excited for them and with them, but be there for them just the same because they may still be struggling to understand themselves.

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