Ashley Gage

3 Ways Til’ Sunday member

3 Ways ‘Til Sunday is the only improvisational group on campus. We hold open Monday nights at 10 p.m. in the Redfern  Arts Center main lobby. This is a time when anyone can come and join in on the fun with all sorts of different improv games. Wednesday nights at the same time and place is when the actual improv team meets to discuss any upcoming shows or try new games we may want to try or talk about adding new members and play improv games ourselves to improve our own abilities. Improv is pretty unique because everyone at some point or another has started a project that either didn’t go as planned or maybe you have less resources than you thought you would, but the project still needs to get done. You have what is available to you to finish what you started. The big thing about improv is showing up, saying yes, and adding something to the situation. That’s a lot of what happens in real life situations that don’t go as planned. So not only is improv a great way to have fun and relieve stress, it’s also applicable to real life situations. It teaches people how to be flexible and to just show up and say yes. What I love so much about this group is that anyone can improv. We get theatre majors who are used to performing for people and maybe a history major who’s never performed in their life. Both are able to get up and do well though because there’s no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to improv. If you got up and gave it your best shot, then you’ve succeeded. Improv isn’t about being “good” or “bad” either. No one nails a scene every time they get up. You try something and if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work and you’re able to move on and try something new. No one is going to laugh at you if you “mess up.” We’ll be laughing with you as you work out your scene. It’s a completely relaxed environment free of judgement because we’re all a little weird here and improv is a way for us to be weird together in an environment that welcomes weirdness.

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