The KSC men’s soccer team took on Western Connecticut State University last Saturday, Sept. 23.

The Colonials were able to get a one up on the Owls within four minutes of the first half when Chauncey Allers had a one-on-one with the Keene State goalie Jason Smith.

Allers slotted the ball into the bottom right corner of the net, giving the Colonials a one goal advantage.

Luke Stergiou / Senior Photographer

Luke Stergiou / Senior Photographer

However, Keene State was able to quickly even out the scoreboard in the 10th minute of the game.

Senior Promise Kpee received a pass at full sprint from senior Riley Steele, firing a shot over the Colonials’ goalie.

The goalie created a slight deflection with his glove, but Kpee’s momentum behind the kick ensured a tying goal for the Owls.

In the 31st minute of the first half, Keene State was able to get one more goal in.

Steele set a middle ball, which was received once again by Kpee, who found the left side netting, giving the Owls a 2-1 lead in just the first half.

The second half had little promising chances for scoring, but no actual goals.

In the 47th minute, the Colonials fired a hard shot.

But Keene State goalie Smith swiftly picked the ball up.

As the game wound down to its final minutes, the Owls made another attempt at the net. In the 72nd minute, first-year Brandon Castor tried to catch a long pass sent out for a break away.

However the opportunity was picked up by the Colonials’ goalie.

Despite multiple set-ups and opportunities, neither team could increase their score.

The Owls will play Saturday, Oct. 7 against Plymouth State at 1 p.m.

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