Every fall, the Global Education Office holds an annual Study Away Fair on Appian Way to encourage students who have any interest in traveling to another school to do so.

Associate Director of the Global Education Office Steven Spiegel  said the office holds the event every year “for people to come in and see that study away can be a possibility.”

Alyssa Salerno / Student Life Editor

Alyssa Salerno / Student Life Editor

Spiegel said oftentimes, students do not come to the Global Education Office because they think they cannot afford to study away, they can’t make it work with their major or they’re too old or not old enough to go to somewhere they are not familiar with.

The event booths are set up with students who have studied at many of the schools KSC sends students to. “People can come in and talk to me,” said Spiegel, “but I would much rather them come in and talk to someone who has been there and has done that.”

Students have the option to study at places in the U.S.A. or have the option to go to places like Australia, England, France, Ireland and Italy to name a few.

Director of the Global Education Office Skye Stephenson said, “Sometimes people are a little afraid to move out of their comfort zone or they think they can’t afford it or that they can’t do it and graduate on time, but there are definitely options… we can work with them… if you want to make it happen, you can do it.”

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