On August 26, New Hampshire State Representative and Keene State College student Joseph Stallcop began a crowd funding site to raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief. His goal is to raise $50,000 by Halloween.

He has pledged to wax all of his body hair (except the top of his head and eyebrows) if this goal is reached by the deadline.

Photo Illustration by Alexandria Saurman / Managing Executive Editor

Photo Illustration by Alexandria Saurman / Managing Executive Editor

“I needed an idea that would grab people’s attention to the cause since many fundraisers were being passed over. Since I do Rocky Horror every October, I thought combining them would raise eyebrows long enough for people to look more into donating,” said Stallcop. The money will go toward the American Red Cross.

One of the donors to Stallcop’s cause, Spencer Dias, a member of the Libertarian Party running for New Hampshire state representative, said, “It [the waxing] adds incentive to those to donate. Those pictures of his body certainly seem like he’ll be suffering as well if $50,000 is raised.”

Genie Schowetsky, a sophomore at KSC, said, “I haven’t heard about this specific fundraiser, but it’s definitely interesting and different. I think stuff like this is really able to capture people’s attention more so than just regular fundraising.”

Libertarian House Caucus Communications Director Brian Shields said, “His [Stallcop’s] approach to raising the money fits his personality very well…I think the promise of waxing his body will cut through the noise of other fundraisers. We need more of this voluntary spirit in our local community to help with these issues.”

“Just helping in any way I can is the biggest goal, whether or not we hit $50k. Seeing buildings coming down on the livestream when the storm was rushing through really hit me hard. Seeing it happen live is just devastating,” said Stallcop.

To contribute to Stallcop’s cause you can visit his CrowdRise site, “Waxed for Hurricane Harvey Relief”.

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