The Keene State College men’s soccer team won 2-1 against the Castleton University Spartans this past Wednesday.

With no luck scoring on either side the first 40 minutes, both teams were looking for a chance.

The Owls were the first to put away a goal in the 41st minute of the game.

Jake Paquin / Photo Editor

Jake Paquin / Photo Editor

KSC senior Riley Steele was able to fire a low shot into the bottom left corner of the goal after hustling to a ball deflected off Castleton’s defence.

Within a minute, Spartan offense had two attempts to score within the box, however the Owls’ goalie Jason Smith was able to deflect one attempt, while the other attempt went over the goal post.

In the second half, KSC first-year Isaiah Lovering carried the ball up the right side and fired a shot that went over the goal.

Minutes later, the Spartans sent the ball into the box, but the Owls’ goalie Jason Smith smoothly positioned himself and made the save.

In the 61st minute, the Spartans earned a free kick, which was crossed in from the right.

However, the ball hit the crossbar and went out of bounds after an attempted head shot by one of the Spartans.

The Owls came out even stronger and, in the 68th minute, gained their second goal. Senior Aidan Dean sent a pass to Steele, who then sent the ball into the box.

First-year Brandon Castor was able to put a foot on the incoming ball and send it past the goalie, raising the score to 2-0, KSC.

With only two minutes left in the second half, the Spartans ignited a spark and worked past the Owls’ defense.

Castleton’s offense was able to cross a ball in, which was then fired into the upper right corner of the net.

The Owls held onto their lead and ended the game with a 2-1 win. KSC’s men’s soccer team continues their winning streak and will play Saturday, Sept. 23 against Middlebury College.

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