With classes now in full swing, a new opportunity has arisen in the journalism department connecting to the broadcasting of sports.

The JRN 281 class, Television Production, is now involving their students into the live streaming of KSC sporting events.

Sean Kiziltan

Sean Kiziltan

This opportunity is allowing students with any interest in broadcasting or television to now have an hands-on experience with live athletics.

KSC senior Justin Mahan described the basics of the TV broadcasting program and how the foundation of much of the mechanics was based upon students.

“Through athletics, we live stream all of the sports and games that we have here at home. Not only do we have on air talent like myself, but we have all the camera operators, directors, things like that, which is run by students.

Mahan continued with new information regarding the JRN 281 class combining with TV production.

“And one thing we’re doing this year is we’re working with the television production class through journalism to get a more hands-on feel for live broadcast and live TV. They’re learning all the in-studio things from KSC TV, but they’re also learning live production. So their getting kind of a feel for both sides of the spectrum.”

Mahan added, “The environment itself changes depending on what type of game it is.”


The course requires each student to attend six games.

Each student has to sign up individually for games that they plan to attend.

However, they are in no way on their own when they arrive.

With students such as Justin Mahan to guide them, they are able to dabble in the world of television production and learn in a real life setting.

“It’s six games throughout the entire semester. So we give  them the flexibility, if you need six games, just sign up for six games. We have all of these different sports with multiple games; it makes it easier, but it also widens the schedule a little bit,” said Mahan.

Field hockey player and junior Julia Babbitt reflected on the new events on campus and said, “There’s definitely always new things happening. Teams are required to volunteer as ball boys, there’s new opportunities in the classrooms, there are clubs. Keene is always offering things.”

With fall coming up, the Television Production students will be able to broadcast the progression of the season, as well as learn skills that will help them in their near future.

The time to be an active owl is now.

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