The Vermont-based jam band Twiddle came to The Colonial Theatre in Keene, New Hampshire, this past weekend to play back-to-back shows Friday and Saturday night. The Colonial was packed both nights.

The Twiddle show was general admission (GA). Executive Director at The Colonial Theatre Alec Doyle said, “We tend to find with these types of shows it makes it easier for both the house management as well as the patrons as well. There is the orchestra pit area which is not seated so there is room for people in front of the stage to be there. Dancing is allowed in there and in the rear of the show.” He added, we can allow a little bit down in the aisles near the orchestra pit for dancing. However as the orchestra pit became crowded many of the patrons who filled the seating area were up on their feet swaying to the music as well. Doyle explained that, “Aisles can’t be filled with people though because it becomes a risk.” Nonetheless, both young and old danced the night away.

Doyle said, “Part of the draw is that these guys are up and coming, local and Vermont-based. We do jam band shows on occasion.” He explained, “We do Dark Star Orchestra once a year, which tends to skew a little bit older, but there’s always a young element to any of the jam band presentations.” Both demographics were out enjoying themselves this past weekend.

Doyle said, “We like having college students from Keene State or other surrounding colleges coming to shows here. “Doyle continued, “The trick sometimes is getting the right kind of show that’s going to appeal to that demographic and be the right price point as well.” He explained that there are just not many things that would fit the bill. He said, “A lot of things we’ll look at would be great, but the ticket prices because of the hall size being 900 seats the ticket price are going to be too high to appeal to that demographic.” He explained that in a city with a 3,000-seat hall, it’s different and prices are able to be made cheaper. Doyle said, “Part of our mission is to serve every demographic we can in this area, so if we can make that happen, all the better.”

Twiddle was unable to be reached for comment in time for the deadline.

Senior majoring in American studies Miles Duhamel went to see Twiddle both nights this past weekend. Saturday night marked his 16th time seeing them perform. Duhamel said, “I really love the band, but I was super excited to hear that they were coming to Keene because it’s just really fun to experience quality recreation together with a bunch of people such as music.” He continued, “Normally there’s not as much to do, but it was really nice that a lot of good people came to town and were ready to have a good time.” He explained how he really enjoys the collective atmosphere that happens with good music. He said, “Twiddle really knows how to do that.” Duhamel said,  “I just really love the music in general, it brings people together.”

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