It’s that time of year again where the weather is confusing, making it feel like spring, and in the blink of an eye, we’re in the middle of another winter storm. With spring break, finals, spring weekend and even graduation for some, many people can say all this makes them feel like they are in some sort of a slump. The spark some students had when they came to tackle the new school year just isn’t there anymore and many just don’t care anymore or don’t have the energy to do school work or pretty much anything. Most students just want to be outside with their friends enjoying the weather.

KSC sophomore Sienna Tedesco agreed she doesn’t have the energy or motivation to do school work anymore. “Since the beginning of the year, I am definitely lazier when it comes to the quality and timelessness in which I complete my work,” Tedesco said. She explained the weather does not help at all. The gray skies and the cold weather makes it look very depressing, she said. Tedesco said being surrounded by people who are just as stressed as she is and on top of it, spending too much time at school is major factor on why people get like this.

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Tedesco isn’t the only one who  agrees. Even The New York Times had an article called, “The Sophomore Slump.” Writer Samantha Stainburn explained in this article that nobody seems to care about the sophomores. “You are feted as a freshman, but no one seems to care that you’re back on campus. Quirky first-year seminars have been replaced by large foundation classes, making you doubt that major in econ or bio. You’re not high enough up the totem pole to do fun stuff like join a research team or lead student organizations. With the newness of college gone, malaise sets in,” she wrote.

KSC sophomore Kyana Anderson explained no one wants to be locked up in classrooms when the weather gets nicer. “I usually start feeling like this towards the end of semester [when] there’s always a ton of assignments and projects. It gets super overwhelming and I mentally just clock out of my work,” she said. Being in this academic slump makes her procrastinate more than she did in the start of this semester, she later explained.

The PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports), a program by the U.S. Education office, stated once the “new” has worn off from the school year, and students and teachers have become accustomed to a daily routine, the seeds of a mid-year slump begin to be sown.

KSC senior Allison Middleton can support this. “I find that I have to put a lot of effort into the start of the semester, so I’m bit a burnt out at this point. Now everything I am doing is very routine, so it feels like I am just going through the motions until the end of the semester,” she said. Middleton said being a senior makes it even harder for her to stay focused. “Graduation being so close makes it even harder not to be in a slump,” she said.

Students scroll through their Twitter feed, Instagram feed and Facebook posts and see many memes of some sort, showing students in a slump. There’s only a few months left in this semester, so let’s all push on through.

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