The Social Activities Council (SAC) put on yet another event filled with music and treats on Sunday, Feb. 19. The organization held their annual Coffee House night in the Night Owl Café.

Every spring semester, SAC organizes Coffee House as a way to get students together and help them escape their mid-semester stress. KSC junior and SAC concert coordinator Bethany Peterson explained, “It’s a night for students to come and relax, get away from their school work for a little while, eat some food and listen to some awesome music.”

Colton McCracken / Equinox Staff

Colton McCracken / Equinox Staff

The crowd was made up of students of all ages eager to listen to the music stylings of KSC junior Ariel Freedman, along with KSC alumni Ryan LaPerle and Senie Hunt.

Freedman got her start performing on campus at this same event two years ago. “It’s super important to me that the school puts on events like these. There are so many musicians on campus that are a part of the school that it would be unreasonable to not have these kind of events, and they’re really entertaining anyways. It gives us an opportunity to see what other musicians are here and what kind of music they play,” Freedman said.

Musician Ryan LaPerle generously donated one of his t-shirts to be raffled off as the prize of the night. The winner was KSC sophomore Rachel Graves, who said winning was just an added bonus to being at the event. “I think events like these are great de-stressors. SAC did such a fantastic job at making a calm and inviting atmosphere at Coffee House. It was nice to take a break from studying from my exams this week.”

LaPerle emphasized how important live music is to students well-being and personal connections with others. “I have played at many colleges and the one thing I see students wanting is to be a part of the collective student body to feel connected with the school, or at least just connecting with new and old friends. College is about expanding your mind, but your social life too, and music will always bring people together because it’s a universal language.”

Colton McCracken / Equinox Staff

Colton McCracken / Equinox Staff

SAC provided Fair Trade coffee and tea along with a multitude of snacks and free travel mugs to guests. Peterson explained that SAC has a great working relationship with the Fair Trade Club. “There has been a huge movement across campus to make the college a little greener and more conscious, and [pairing with] Fair Trade has been a very successful part of Coffee House,” Peterson said.

KSC senior and President of the Fair Trade Club, Nicole Verrilli gave an explanation as to why it is so important that our campus promotes the use of fair trade products. “It’s a form of conscious buying where we as a school support farmers in third world countries to earn a fair, living wage.”

Raffle winner Graves talked about the excitement of future student life events to come. “A lot of people look forward to coffee house each year and it’s nice to see SAC supporting its local artists,” Graves said.

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