Faculty from the Keene Music Department performed in a recital on Friday, Feb. 3. They played in the Alumni Recital Hall, located in the Redfern Arts Center. The faculty members included: Stephanie Jenkins on the, clarinet,  Vladimir Odinokikh on the, piano,  Marcia Lehninger on the, violin, Robin Matathias on the, flute and Jose Lezcano on the, guitar. Odinokikh and Matathias played two songs together: “Hypnosis” by the modern British composer Ian Clarke and “Moments” by another modern composer named Robert Muczynski. Odinokikh played two more songs on piano. He collaborated with Jenkins on Johannes Brahms’ “Sonata No. 1, Op. 20” and with Lehninger on Brahms’ “Violin sonata No. 2 in A Major, Op. 100.”  Lehninger spoke highly of  Odinokikh, saying that he was excellent and that playing with him was a big part of the fun. Jose Lezcano played J.S. Bach’s “Chaconne” on the guitar.

All of the pieces were played exquisitely and showed why the teachers are qualified to teach music in higher education. Lehninger revealed that even experienced musicians such as herself get nervous. She said, “So there’s the anticipation of being on stage, and once I’m on stage, there’s always that fraction of a second, should I just run away? Once the music starts, you just think about music, and all the sudden, those feelings they don’t matter anymore.” All of the performers certainly immersed themselves on Friday night, and put on a great show. The next faculty music recital will be the Faculty Jazz Recital, which is taking place on Feb. 17.

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