After an injury that forced sophomore Patricia Norton to miss most of her 2016 season, the KSC women’s soccer player completed her first KSC women’s soccer season in 2015 and became selected as the Little East Conference player of the year. After a torn ACL in the 2016 season, Norton missed most of her second season as a sophomore.

After sitting through most of the 2016 season, Norton contributed positive attributions to her team by supporting her teammates on and off the field, as well as setting high goals for herself.

When asked what it took to receive the Division III All New England Regional First Team Selection award, Norton said, “Each year I always try to set personal goals before each season for myself to accomplish. Last year, I received the LEC award and after that, I tried setting a goal to win the ECAC (Eastern College Athletic Conference) first team award for my sophomore year. It was hard to do that this year because during the season, I tore my ACL and missed most of the season. When I heard of winning the award this year, my teammates all sent me a text message and said it was posted online. I was very excited and felt accomplished of the goals I set.” When Norton was asked about why she sets high goals each year while in the season, as well in the classroom, she responded, “Each year I try to do better and receive higher awards if I’m able to and this year I did. It is something I’ve always tried to do and become better at the task or sport I’m competing in. I truly push myself with these goals so I work harder each year and become better.”

Some of the teammates that have supported and received influence from Norton throughout her time at KSC are teammates like junior Marianna Porcello. Porcello competed in three seasons on the soccer team, as she also studies physical education at KSC.

Tim Smith/ Photo Editor

Tim Smith/ Photo Editor

During an interview, Porcello elaborated on the type of person and player Norton has been since she met her last year.

She said, “Trish is a very talented player and she has contributed a lot to the soccer program since I’ve been here. On the field, she is an instant playmaker and has became one of our best starters since her freshman year. In the games, she creates plays for other players as a mid center, as well as having fluent ball control, explosive speed and generates offense. She is the type of person we need on the team to help other players, as well as exemplify true leadership roles.”

Porcello was next asked about Norton’s overall personality, whether it be on or off the field. Porcello went on to say, “Last year, she was a very quiet kid, like myself as a freshman. I immediately extended out to her and made a friendship, but also pushed her to become closer to the team and over time she did. During the season, she works very hard, as well as off the field by constantly being active in the library to prepare for classes and get her work done. Even when Trish got injured, [she] was there every day at practices, during games and off the field to offer her support, as well as help teammates that needed it. She’s a very good attribution to the team.”

Porcello finished her interview with the type of relationship her and Norton have.

Porcello said, “We spend a lot of time together during the season and have spent time in the off season. She’s a great person to have around and a great teammate as well.”

As Norton received her last question in the interview on what she expects throughout the rest of her career at KSC, she simply responded, “I have to work harder and become better.” Norton expressed her passion for the team, the overall soccer program, as well as becoming a better student in the classroom.

Norton plans to return to playing soccer eventually and earn a degree in athletic training while at KSC.

Norton has goals set and plans to be healthier from her injury, including getting better at earning her set goals each day and working hard enough to return in the Owls’ upcoming 2017 soccer season.

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