The Keene State College Music Department presented the Chamber Singers and String Ensemble in the Alumni Recital Hall Sunday, Dec. 11.

The concert was part of the Ensemble Recital Series (presented) at the Redfern Arts Center. Dr. Sandra Howard, (an) Associate Professor of Music at Keene State and Coordinator of Music Education and Choirs, conducted the performance. She said she was “honored” to conduct the KSC Chamber Singers, and will travel with them to Einbeck, Germany, in the spring.

Peter DuBois / Equinox Staff

Peter DuBois / Equinox Staff

Since 2003, Keene has had a city partnership committee with Einbeck to promote relations between the two cities. Members of the KSC Chamber Singers will travel there in May to collaborate with other choral groups. Chamber singer Emma Nelson said she thinks the opportunity is “incredible”.

“Every new step with our group is a moment to gain so much more knowledge of the music and what it really means to us and others. Germany will broaden our perspectives even more, while giving us an amazing trip we can all bond over,” Nelson said.

This wasn’t the first time that the Chamber Singers and the String Ensemble have collaborated. KSC junior Steven Lauture played violin in Sunday’s performance. He said he’s had the pleasure of playing alongside the chamber singers numerous times at Keene State, as well as touring with them.

“The preparation process for this performance was definitely fun. At times it was overwhelming but everyone that took part definitely made the experience one to remember,” Lauture commented.

colton mccracken / Equinox Staff

colton mccracken / Equinox Staff

“I just wish I could have been sitting in the audience to enjoy the show.”

KSC student Kathleen Dougherty went to the show to support Lauture and her boyfriend, Tim Peterson, a member of the Chamber Singers.

“I know how hard Tim has been working on the music and how hard Steven has been practicing so to see the end result of that work is really special,” Dougherty said. Dougherty is a Holocaust and Genocide Studies major, but stressed the importance of the arts.

“The world needs the arts, especially right now. It is a means of expression, a new way to look at things, and a way to escape from our thoughts for a while.”

To learn more about the trip to Germany, visit the Keene Partner City Committee’s Facebook page at

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