When walking on the third floor of the Young Student Center, students may notice a bit of a change. The WKNH studio has put in place the long-desired window that puts their hard work and dedication on display to bypassers. Production Manager Derek Hall expressed how the window idea has been something discussed for quote some time, before he even set foot on campus himself.

Hall acknowledged that while this has been a long-term idea, he is very happy that he has been a part of the change.

When asked about his thoughts on the newly acquired window, Hall said, “I hope that it informs the public of what we do, and rather than just being tucked in the corner of the third floor, we will truly be able to show people more of what we do.”

Luke Stergiou / Senior Photographer

Luke Stergiou / Senior Photographer

Hall also touched on the future with the newly featured window and what he hopes it will one day lead to.

Hall said, “I think some esthetic things would be cool. We are looking into getting an “On Air” sign and some more stuff inside to make it look prettier and just more exciting inside. Hopefully we can implement those next semester.”

With this being said, Hall also talked about the future and some new alternatives that the window will open up.

Hall said, “I’m looking forward to hopefully new DJs coming through and I’d really like to see some more Greek life guys in here.”

Brendan Callery, the general manager on the staff, discussed the history of the idea of bringing a window to WKNH and the idea finally coming to life.

Callery said, “About a year or two ago, we decided that it would be a good idea to get some exposure to our studio and just have people be able to get a look in. The student center backed us which was really cool, and it was a really nice revamp because we moved in here in 1995, and we just needed a little refresh.”

Callery also said how he feels the new window benefits the studio.

Callery said he thinks the new window will attract new members because people know the school has a radio station, but they do not know where it is.

Callery also mentioned that he is very excited for the future of WKNH. Callery said, “We are constantly talking about ways to improve the studio and upgrade to solve our little problems. But I would say that we are like 85 to 90 percent done with the project, so there is still much more to come.”

Mike Mullen, a sophomore who worked on a sports talk show last year at WKNH, also weighed in on his thoughts on the new window.

Mullen expressed some disappointment that they weren’t able to implement the window when he was working, but also mentioned he was excited that it finally got done.

Mullen said, “I think it would’ve been a great addition to the whole radio show and it would have provided a better work environment. It would’ve been great to have it last year, but I understand that good things take time.”

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