A crowd of about 200 filled the Mabel Brown Room on Saturday for the Chock Full O’ Notes Winter Concert.

Chock Full O’ Notes (CFON) is Keene State’s only a cappella group. They sang a wide range of songs and arrangements, from River of Dreams by Billy Joel to a James Bond medley.  Each song was uniquely arranged by CFON members.

“I went to the concert because I knew a couple people in the group, and I heard they’d have some new songs,” said Evan Carpenter, KSC sophomore. “I loved the new songs, the Phantom of the Opera was great. They sounded super practiced and solid as a group.”

As of this semester, Chock Full O’ Notes has adopted six new members. Brendan Goodwin, CFON member who arranged the James Bond medley, said the new members have been very constructive to the group’s growth.

Alexandria Saurman / Arts and Entertainment Editor

Alexandria Saurman / Arts and Entertainment Editor

“CFON is doing better than ever with the new members. They learned the new songs unbelievably fast,” Goodwin said. “Everyone is very understanding and knows what we have to do to achieve our goals. I’ve been in the group for about a year and a half now and have loved every minute of it.”

KSC senior and second-year president Ivy Sheehan made an announcement between songs to congratulate members who stepped up to fill her position as the club’s beatboxer.

“This semester was especially different because we decided to train a few more beatboxers to replace Ivy after she graduates,” Goodwin said. “I had to learn all the tricks and it took a while for all of us to be able to keep the beat for a whole song. This semester, we definitely worked harder than previous years and it really showed in the quality of the performance.”

Sheehan referred to the group as “one giant family.”

“My favorite thing about CFON is the people. Everyone is there because they love music and they want to sing, and it’s something fun that we can all do outside of academics,” Sheehan said.

Sheehan said the group is trying to get more involved with the community. Next semester, the group plans to make their voices heard.

“We’re going to try and sing the national anthem at a couple of basketball games, sing at an old folks home and sing at an elementary school.”

The a cappella group also plans to record a professional CD next semester.

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