Keene State College’s first co-ed fraternity Psi Upsilon had its 30th reunion on Nov. 19.

Psi Upsilon’s Delta Nu chapter was founded at KSC in 1986 by 15 friends, including the president of the founding chapter Jay LaPanne. Lapanne and his 14 friends founded Psi Upsilon, for short, with the goal of being the first co-ed fraternity in New England.

Tim Smith/ Photo Editor

Tim Smith/ Photo Editor

The organization reached their goal in March of 1988 when Keene State College fully recognized the organization as a fraternity. Lapanne said the first meetings were in the common room of Fiske Hall because about two-thirds of the members were all living there together.

The reunions are held in front of Fiske Hall to commemorate the origin of the organization.

The reunion offers alumni the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, as well as the chance to share experiences with the active members.

Current President Brendan Ackerman said he connected with an alumni from Boston who majored in the same major as he did and discussed possible networking opportunities in the future. Ackerman also said how the reunion is a positive environment to discuss the state of the organization.

Junior Hannah Schmidt  said she enjoyed her time with Psi Upsilon and the reunion.

Schmidt said, “My time with Psi Upsilon has been phenomenal. I have met so many fantastic people that I know are lifelong friends.” Ackerman said he feels the same

LaPanne said Psi Upsilon holds reunions in the spring and fall so that alumni have the chance to see their brothers twice a year.

According to Ackerman, some brothers of Psi Upsilon traveled from California and Orlando to attend the reunion. Members often go off to have lunch together or hang out at the College Camp on Wilson Pond.

Some members finish the day sharing drinks and laughs at one of the bars downtown.

According to LaPanne, the organization has had 257 members since its initial founding, and has just initiated its 53rd pledge class.

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*Corrections made 12/14/16: Throughout: Corrected “Delta Psi Upsilon” to “Psi Upsilon.” Paragraph 2: Added “Delta Nu chapter.” Paragraph 9-10: Removed “sisters.”*

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