Once Thanksgiving break comes to an end and we get back to reality, it becomes crunch time until finals are over. Time management is key, so don’t wait until reading day to get all of your work done. I can’t stress that enough. If you procrastinate, you may end up pulling all nighters and spending your final nights of the semester in the library.

Here are a few tips to survive finals week with a passing grade:

  1. Look at each of your teachers syllabi and record each upcoming assignment until the end of the semester.
  2. Divide these assignments up and space them out throughout the next two weeks. Assign yourself days and times that you will complete each assignment, spacing them out so you aren’t working on two challenging or extensive assignments on the same day.
  3. If you know that you don’t have any plans or obligations on a Saturday, mark your calendar for a three hour library session. Don’t limit your space to just the library either. A change in scenery is always nice and there are several places you can do work such as the student center or the TDS Center.
  4. Keep yourself organized, get as much sleep as you can and fuel your brain with nutritious food options.
  5. Avoid all unnecessary stress, as it will hinder your ability to sleep and focus.
  6. Remember, the long break and holidays are right around the corner, the semester is almost over and you’re in the final stretch!

Good Luck!


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