The Keene State College cheerleading coach Chris Fecteau unexpectedly resigned Tuesday, Oct. 25 and an interim coach has not been named. Keene State College has suspended cheerleading practice until this past week.

According to the Sentinel Source, Fecteau took the coaching position in 2014 and announced his resignation through Facebook on the night of Wednesday, Oct. 26.

“Due to personal reasons, I came to the terribly difficult decision to resign [as] coach at Keene State. I can confidently say I left this program 10 times better than I found it and wish whoever [takes] the reigns and the current team members the very best,” Fecteau wrote.

The Sentinel Source tried to get a comment from the college Director of Strategic Communications and Community Relations Kelly Ricaurte, but she declined to elaborate on Fecteau’s resignation, saying it was a confidential and personal matter.

Athletic Director Dr. Kristene Kelly said Fecteau left for personal reasons. Kelly has been working closely with the cheerleading team and has met with them on several occasions due to Fecteau’s departure.

As of last week, they are no longer suspended.

They are allowed to do sideline cheers only for the time being until they have someone who is certified to watch over their stunting and tumbling.

Barbara Hamel will be the ‘Cheer Advisor’ until the head coach position is filled.

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