As seniors are preparing to graduate, they also are preparing to enter a new chapter in their lives, whether that be finding their place in a new career or pursuing graduate school.

This can often be the cause of much stress and worry, but there are resources at Keene State designed to help students.

Academic and Career Advisor Beverly Behrmann recommends students start preparing for the job search and deciding on graduate school the summer between their junior and senior year.

She emphasizes using keywords or phrases in resumes or cover letters to show employers the skill set you have is what they are looking for.

“I think that is is a good idea to start looking at the jobs that are out there, even though you wouldn’t be applying to those jobs necessarily that early, it’s good to see what employers are looking for,”  Behrmann said. “Otherwise, I would just encourage students over winter break [their senior year]  to seriously start looking for jobs and applying for jobs.”

The college recently hosted the Your Future Fair in the Spaulding Gym on-campus, allowing students to drop in and meet directly with potential employers for internship and employment opportunities.

An array of graduate schools were also present.

Photo Illustration by Colton McCracken/ Equinox Staff

Photo Illustration by Colton McCracken/ Equinox Staff

Seniors Jessica Markarian and Brianna George chose two different paths for post-graduation. Markarian, a communications major with four internships under her belt, is on the search for job opportunities. George, an English and elementary education major, said she has opted to pursue graduate school.

George chose graduate school to help increase her chances at a future career as a teacher.

“I wish they offered more advice about grad school. I feel like the only way I’ve really gotten information is [by] me seeking it out or [in] my classes. Especially with education, getting a masters is very common,” George said.

With such a busy schedule, George felt as though she had to actively seek out information on graduate school herself, rather than have multiple fairs and events held by the school that further things such as career opportunities

Bahrmann said, “We only offer one grad school fair in the fall. This year it was combined with career and internships and academic majors.  Students can make individual appointments to talk with a career advisor about looking for grad school programs and can stop in during one of our career clinics where we discuss any or all things career related on a drop in basis.”

There is another internship fair on Thursday, March 23, but no graduate school opportunities will be there.

Markarian is constantly on the lookout for career opportunities that may pop up within her internships.

“[With the] companies that I intern for, I’ll always look to see if they have positions that they’re hiring for,” she said. “It’s just the one goal I’ve had throughout college is just to have a job when I graduate and have it set in stone. I feel like I’m on the right path for it.”

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