“I think my professor hates me for absolutely no reason.  I’ll do my homework the way the rubric says and I still get points off, but my friends who had the same assignment answers get a better grade than me.  My professor hates me!!! Help!” – Jackie


Every professor is different. In college, you’ll come across professors who you’ll never forget and professors you wish you could forget.

The reality is you’re stuck with him or her so you might as well make the most out of it.

Every professor is required to have office hours dedicated to helping students.

Swing by your professor’s office during that time and ask questions about your assignments and what you did wrong.

Get to know your professor.

Odds are, they don’t hate you; they might just not know you like they know the other students.

Students who have had professors from previous classes naturally have a different relationship with them than you will at first.

Don’t let your professor’s attitude discourage you from putting your best effort into the class.

If you give your professor a reason to dislike you, such as not showing up to class or not turning in assignments, it will be much harder for you.

Keep trying your best, go to class prepared and participate.

Your professor will have no other choice than to like you!

Good Luck!!

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