This past Friday, Oct. 7, former governor of Massachusetts, William Weld, visited Keene for a rally during his race for vice-presidency, while his running mate Gary Johnson was visiting the West Coast.

Before the rally began, Weld spoke about running as a Libertarian as opposed to one of the major parties, Democrat or Republican. He said it’s “a refreshing alternative from the mean-spirited Republicans and the Democrats believing money is free.”

When asked about his thoughts on how to help students with their debt and lack of work experience, he proposed an idea that companies could work with schools. He said students could go to school while doing a paid internship with local companies to gain work experience and to help students reduce their debt. He said the government can help with a collaboration between companies and schools.

“This feels like we’re watching a scary movie and we can’t change the channel, but in fact we can change the channel and you’ve got this responsible, sober-minded ticket,” Weld said, referring to the Libertarian party.

The rally had many people in attendance and no protesters were apparent.

Libertarian party supporter David Beckwith said the biggest reason why he supports Governor Johnson and Weld is that they advocate “individual liberty” and believe that the best government is one that doesn’t need to interfere on a regular basis.

Beckwith said the Libertarian Party believes in individual rights.

KSC senior Rachel Norton, who didn’t attend the rally, but knows of Weld and Gary Johnson, said it’s important that the American people have options outside of being Republican or Democratic. “The two party system isn’t built to last, coupled with the way we vote with the Electoral College,” she said. Norton said having other options such as the Green Party and Libertarian Party allow for equal viewpoints. “Actual representation of our ideals and truths should represent our democracy,” she said.

Governor Weld was a former Republican, and when asked what it was like to shift from one party to the Libertarian party, he said, “Free! Free at last!”

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