Here at Keene State a common source of entertainment for the students are the stand-up comedians that come visit during after-hour events and regale the students with their take on life and jokes.

Luke Stergiou / Senior Photographer

Luke Stergiou / Senior Photographer

This past Saturday Oct. 8, comedians Jourdain Fisher and Ian Lara came to Keene to practice their art, telling goofy stories and cracking jokes.

The night of laughs had the front seats filled and the jokes flying. Before the comedians took the stage, Keene State’s one and only improvisational team “Three Ways till Sunday” opened up the night with their improv comedy to get the audience warmed up for the rest of the show.

Student Robert Rein stated, “It was a little quiet. As the show progressed, it was fantastic. He delivered on his climaxes,” (referring to Fisher’s punch lines).

After the show, Jourdain stated his thoughts on going to Keene saying, “You see the roads and you’re like…where are we? But I like it; the students are really cool!”

Luke Stergiou / Senior Photographer

Luke Stergiou / Senior Photographer

Being a comedian from New York City, he may not be as used to seeing the backroads of New Hampshire like we are, but it was still funny to hear.

When asked what one of the weirdest shows he’s ever done was, Jourdain said, “A Hell’s Angel’s biker bar. I performed on top of the bar,” back in his early days of doing comedy.

When Ian Lara was asked the same question, he laughed and said, “probably Keene… The kids are cool. I’ve never felt different,” referring to being another comedian from New York City on his journey to visiting Keene.

Jourdain’s impressions on president Obama were well received, and it was a fun night had by all.

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