Brian Regan is a stand-up comedian hailing from Westchester, Florida. His first big television break in 1995 was as an opener comedian for “The Late Show” with David Letterman.

He also has a list of stand-up Routines out on DVD and shows  on Comedy Central, such as, “All By Myself,” released in 2010 and “Live from Radio City Music Hall,“ released just last year.

Last Thursday Oct. 20, Regan visited Keene for a night of comedy  at the Colonial Theater. Although the stage was small, audiences of all ages packed the seats.

Brian Regan fans were in attendance, as well as Keene citizens looking forward to a night out. Community members from Keene, Dan and Ron Farina, who are father and son fans, were very excited for the show.

Dan Farina said, “We went to go see him at the Hampton Beach [Casino] Ballroom a while ago.” Dan was a fan of Regan first and introduced his father to Brian’s work. Now, both are big fans that came to his show last Thursday night.

Keene State students were also present at the show that night. KSC Student Kyle Smith was very excited for the show. Smith has been a fan of Brian Regan for years and said, “I used to watch his acts when I was younger.”  He then said that Brian is known for his family friendly comedy, and that he first saw Regain’s jokes on Comedy Central.

Smith’s statement was confirmed when the theater began to fill in even more, and most of the seats were filled with families.

Longtime patron of the Colonial Theater Bill Heyman said that this wasn’t the first time Brian Regan visited Keene. He said his last visit was three years ago. Bill said, “When I go to a comedy show, I like to let the humor wash over me. I like to take it in the moment.” Soon after, the lights went down and the show began.

Show opener Jim Colliton started the show with some jokes, one being about how his wife made him go back to his friend’s house to pick up a Tupperware container, as if it was the most important thing to do.

After Colliton finished his bit, Regan took the stage and regaled Keene with his humor. His family-friendly comedy was alternative to other comedians’ style of adding mature content to their material. When Brian was done his show and left the stage, the crowd cheered and he came back for an encore to tell a few more jokes.

Brian Regan and Jim Colliton came to Keene to provide the town with laughs, and boy did many people think they delivered.

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