“I feel pressured to go out every weekend by my roommates. They don’t respect the fact that I want to stay in. What do I do?”


There are over four thousand students at our college. You probably know only about  twenty percent of them.

A large aspect of the college experience is finding your people, people who have similar interests as you and who can potentially become your lifelong friends.

You don’t have to be best friends with your roommates, especially if they are partaking in activities you do not agree with, as long as you respect each other.

If your roommates are disrespecting you and coming home all hours of the night being loud and disruptive, then you need to confront them.

When you do, do it at a reasonable time. If you need to talk to your roommates about drinking, do it when they are sober.

You don’t need to attack them, simply explain to them that they woke you up when they came home and ask them to be more quiet next time.

If they always ask you to go to a party with them, beat them to it and ask them first if they want to do a movie night or perhaps go see a concert.

If these options aren’t working, it might be time to look for new roommates.

Join a club or organization that you are interested in and meet friends there.

That way, you not only will have another place to hangout besides at home with your roommates, but you also could have the opportunity to potentially move out.

You’d be surprised, there are always people, including students in situations like yours, who are looking for roommates, you just have to put yourself out there.

But be sure to get to know all possibilities for new roommates.

Look at their current living environment, as that says a lot about the type of roommate they’ll be.

If you like to have your space, also consider looking into a single.

There is nothing wrong with living on your own and there are plenty of great options on and off-campus!

Good luck!

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