Are you an athlete and having issues with a professor? Associate Professor  Jeffrey Timmer is your guy. Timmer works hand-in-hand with athletes and faculty to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“I am the Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR). Basically, the NCAA mandates that every institution have a faculty member that serves many purposes, but is ultimately part of the compliance team. Historically, a long, long time ago, NCAA schools were using athletes that were not even enrolled or attending classes at the institution,” Timmer said.

He continued, “Therefore, they decided that faculty should oversee the fairness of athletes and academics. That has involved into requiring every institution to have a FAR. In terms of what I do, I check GPA’s and credit completion to make sure each student athlete is not only getting good grades, but is advancing toward receiving their degree.”

Timmer is also the chair of the Faculty Athletic Advisory Committee, which is similar to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. They look into policies and Title IX compliance. “I am also considered the bridge between faculty and student athletes on campus, if either group has concerns about absences, professionalism, etc. It is clearly more of a behind-the-scenes job, which makes it perfect for me,” Timmer said.

Senior Student athlete and women’s soccer goalie, Danielle Warhall has both the professor and athlete relationship with Timmer. “I have three classes this semester with Timmer, but I have also had other classes with him throughout the last few years,” Warhall said.

Tim Smith/ Photo editor

Tim Smith/ Photo editor

Another student athlete, and senior softball player, Jenny Galavotti has Timmer as an advisor. “He’s my advisor, so he guides me in what courses I should be taking and when. He has helped me guide my way through what graduate schools I should consider and look into and the requirements for that.The only thing he’s involved in with sports is he’s seen a few games,” Galavotti said.

Galavotti hasn’t had any situations where her professors have gotten mad for leaving due to games. “My coach is very good about us making sure our professors know ahead of time, so I’ve never really needed Timmer for that,” Galavotti said.

Timmer takes an interest in all of athletics. “Dr. Timmer is always involved with asking how our game went or what the plan was for the next game clearly being genuinely interested in the team and individual performance,” Warhall said.

There’s not one season that is ‘easy’ Timmer said. “Each season provides its own challenges and genuine issues are bound to arise simply based on the inevitable conflict of being two places at one time, but since I have been the FAR, the faculty at Keene State College have shown tremendous support for the student athletes on campus,” he said.

Timmer said he enjoys getting to know all students outside the classroom. The location of his office allows him to have the opportunity to not only relate to the majors in the Human Performance and Movement Science department, but it also allows him the opportunity to meet more student athletes who are not in his classes. “I really enjoy the people that I work with in the Human Performance and Movement Science department, as well as the Athletic and Recreation Departments. When you share the same building, you really have the opportunity to build relationships, and I have always enjoyed the relationships that I have made in the building. When you enjoy the people you work with, you will enjoy your job, and that has held true for me at KSC,” Timmer said.

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