Summer is officially over and autumn has arrived. People are itching for that fall atmosphere: apple-picking, pumpkin carving, carnivals, sweaters, Halloween– there’s so much to do in the few short weeks that make up the fall season!

The students at Keene State are getting excited to do their favorite things in the chilly weather.

If you’re looking for a nearby place to do some apple picking, Bekah Chasse recommends Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, NH. “I actually just went apple picking there last weekend. It was beautiful,” Chasse said.

Chasse said she enjoys hiking during the fall season as well.

“It’s easier when it’s cooler out and you still get to see the foliage. I like to travel more toward the mountain areas because all of the foliage is beautiful,” she said.

Other students enjoy apple picking at their local orchards in their hometowns.

First-year Emily Fitzgerald said apple picking is her favorite fall activity. “I like apple picking at local places near my town, Hampstead, NH,” Fitzgerald said.

She recommended Mack’s Apples in Londonderry NH, but said she is looking forward to discovering new places around Keene.

Although apple picking seems to be a highlight of fall activities, there are many other things to enjoy in the crisp fall weather.

Student Carly Zuppe’s favorite aspect of fall is the fashion.

“I like the clothes that you can wear in the fall. You can wear a nice cozy sweater and you can be really comfy and still cute which is really nice,” Zuppe said.

Sophomore Lea Nolette said she appreciates the holidays that come in the fall season.

“I love all of the hype around Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday, so I really like the pumpkin carving and the dressing up, and I like the decorations,” she said.

Overall, the fall season is shaping up to be a good one for Keene students, as there is always something festive and fun to look forward to.

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