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As the fences and chairs start to pop up on the quad outside of my room in Fiske, I begin to reminisce about my journey here in Keene. It all started in Huntress Hall when I transferred as a sophomore, and as a senior owl, it seems I have found my place back to square one, with a few more years of wisdom. Here are some important tips I learned over my years as an owl.

Respect your town. During my time at KSC, we lost the privilege of hosting Pumpkin Festival as a town, largely in part to college students being destructive. Do not litter or vandalize our beautiful college town or campus. We are fortunate to have one of the most beautiful campuses out there and you should do everything in your power to maintain that image. This might be a temporary home, but a home all the same, so take care of it!

At the Zorn (I move that we call it the Zorn rather than the DC) always walk around and see what options are out before picking up a hefty serving at the first sight of delicious food. The place is full of awesome options, so avoid biting off more than you can chew. You don’t want to end up throwing away perfectly good food.

Invest in a refillable water bottle. Campus has tons of water bottle filling stations so if you have yours with you, you’ll stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to make yourself feel better.

Photo by: William Wrobel

Photo by: William Wrobel

Put your health first. There are many false images of “the college experience” that show students partying hardy every night. While movies and media make it appear that college is one long rager, I can assure you that getting enough sleep, nutrients and exercise will enhance your college experience more than you’d expect.

Get to know your campus. There are so many resources and on campus organizations to improve your college journey. Utilize the many resources on campus to reap the benefits of a college education. Do not miss out on joining a club that interests you.

Get to know your town (and region). Campus is located in the heart of the town, so do not neglect the opportunities to engage in Keene culture by checking out a show at The Colonial or grabbing a window seat at a local coffee shop to people watch on the weekend. Venture down roads that interest you and check out the network of biking trails around the area. By senior year you should visit places like Mount Monadnock, Sunset Rock, Surry Beach, Goose Pond, Otter Brook Dam and Dort. Whenever you have an afternoon free, challenge yourself to see a new place in the area you haven’t.

Trust your gut. On a campus of this size, you will never meet everyone. Open yourself up to chance if you see someone around that interests you. College is about growing, and one of the best ways to do that is to establish relationships with people who offer you a different perspective through which to understand the world.

Try new things. Seems simple, but it can’t be overstated.

Plan your time, organize a routine and do not procrastinate. You are here to learn after all.

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