I hate my job. Should I quit and risk trying to find a new one or stay miserable?

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Work is a necessary part of life. I realize we all have bills to pay and things to afford. Although it would be nice not to work, the average person is not granted such a luxurious opportunity. We have to work so that we can provide for ourselves, and usually our work is what makes the world go round.

The question is, at what cost do we give in to misery just to pay for our groceries? If you truly hate your job, I have some suggestions for how you should move forward.

First, consider why you hate your job. If there is one particular coworker or company policy that is making your shifts unbearable, consider bringing the problem up with a supervisor.

Photo by: William Wrobel

Photo by: William Wrobel

If you hate the actual responsibilities and tasks of your work, try to identify what they are . When you start to apply for other jobs, only apply to positions that sound interesting. While you do not have to love your work, life is certainly better when you do.

If you can tolerate a couple more weeks at your current  job, then  try to keep it  until you have a new job secured. I understand the difficulty of crawling out of bed to go to a job you dread, but it is risky to quit without other work lined up. If I had a job that I hated, I would use that as motivation to find a job that I love. Apply! Apply! Apply some more!

The more jobs you send a resume to, the more job offers you are likely to get. If you are offered multiple positions, then you have an opportunity to negotiate your pay and choose the career path that best suits your interests.

I do not recommend quitting your current job right away unless working there is severely impacting your life in a negative way. You will be glad to have the money coming in until you have secured work at another company.

If you keep the job you hate and have no new job opportunities coming your way, you will be glad that you didn’t  leave.

Life is too short to wake up and spend each day doing something you hate.

If your job is bringing you down, then start applying to new jobs so you can make a positive change in your life. There are always places hiring; you just have to get out there and apply.

Good luck in the new job search!


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