Hello everyone! As you may know, last week we discussed how to work your leg and glute muscles. This week I think it would be a good idea to discuss abs, since summer is right around the corner.

Exercise One

Exercise One

The first exercise I have for you is probably my favorite ab exercise. Start off by grabbing a weight comfortable to you. I normally take a ten pound medicine ball.

While sitting down move your body into a V formation, so your chest should be slightly leaned back and your knees should be coming towards your chest. Bring the ball side to side. If your looking to go easy I would do 3 sets of 15. Set your goal to 4 sets of 25 by summer!

The next ab workout I have for you is targeted at your lower stomach.

First lay down on your back. Slightly bring chest up into a crunch position. While legs are straight bring them up at an angle.

Exercise Two

Exercise Two

To feel the burn, bend legs at a 90 degree angle and keep going back and forth. Like the last exercise, do this 3 sets of 15 and if you can 4 sets of 25.

Last week I recommended trying chia seeds. This week i want to introduce flax seeds and some benefits it has. For people trying to watch their weight flax seeds are low in carbs and high in fiber! Another benefit from flax seeds is that they help keep healthy hair skin and nails. You can incorporate this into your diet by putting it in your muffins, or even oatmeal.

Give it a try!

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