For Keene State College Senior Cassidy Hunkins, graphic design is more than just a course of study. Hunkins said she has evolved as both a student and an artist, and stretched her skills outside of the classroom. Hunkins stated that the majority of her work is environmental themed.

“I enjoy designing backwards, thinking about the end product first – what kind of materials I will use, the weight and the size. I do my best to recycle and print only what is necessary,” Hunkins said.

Along with working on her major, Hunkins is an Eco-Rep for the Office of Sustainability. The Eco-Reps mission is to spread awareness about more sustainable living on campus. They promote recycling and hope to eventually ban the plastic bottle from places like Lloyd’s Marketplace and Hoot-N-Scoot.

Cary Gaunt, the director of the Office of Sustainability, says that Hunkins’ work with Eco-Reps is essential to the group’s progress. She said that Hunkins is responsible for the design of the new and improved Office of Sustainability website and the group’s new logo.

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Tim Smith / Photo Editor

“Our goal as Eco-Reps was to be represented not only through recycling but also the regeneration of our environment. The Eco-Reps website will be published on Earth Day, and keep an eye out for the new t-shirts worn around campus,” Hunkins said.

When asked of challenges she faces with her work, Hunkins said that, as a designer, it’s hard to be sustainable. She said, “We are constantly on the computer, wasting paper, using ink and drawing on light tables. I have now made it a habit to always turn off my computer when I’m not using it, to recycle everything I can, to use a window as a tracing table and to not print anything unless I absolutely have to.”

Lauren Smyth, a KSC senior and graphic design major, shared that she is consistently working with Hunkins in the Media Arts Center. She said Hunkins takes her work very seriously, and “accentuates her own unique style not only in her art but in her whole persona.”

Hunkins said that her favorite part of her work is how it allows her to communicate her mission to help the environment. She shared that, when she is designing, she likes to take breaks and explore nature in order to get inspiration. Hunkins said that, after graduation, she will be freelancing for the Green Alliance, a resource for connecting green consumers with like-minded businesses across northern New England.

Graphic design majors are expected to have a portfolio of 12 conceptual projects. Hunkins said her ultimate goal is to have finished her 12 projects by this Friday, April 15, for the art show in the Media Arts Center. She said this show will run from 3 to 7 p.m., and will present all the work the graphic design majors have been completed in the last few years of their study.

Smyth said she is excited to see her fellow graphic designers’ final projects because she knows how hard they’ve all been working for the show. “It’ll be awesome to see Cassidy’s and everyone else’s final projects because we’ve been together through the whole process. I hope everyone comes out to witness it, too,” Smyth said.

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