While walking down Appian Way or anywhere else on campus, you could come across someone with a Nerf Gun -don’t be alarmed.

This semester’s game of Humans vs. Zombies lasted from Tuesday, April 5, through Tuesday, April 12. President of the club and journalism major sophomore Savannah Hobbs said that the game is always a week long and once a semester. It always starts with a kick off rally at midnight on the first night.

Hobbs said, “The game is basically a 24/7 game of tag. It is fueled by a plot line and every night for a week we have missions that are goal-oriented and it furthers the plot line. The plot line is developed by the e-board and committee members; it is a surprise to all other club members.” She continued, “Being a human [involves]  trying to survive the game using nerf blasters and socks, preferably clean socks. Zombies are trying to tag humans and turn them into zombies. Humans wear bandanas around their arms and zombies wear bandanas on their heads.”

She also said that the game is played all over campus, and that the campus serves as the boundaries. The only place they are not allowed to enter are the Red Fern and construction zones.

Hobbs said she became the president of the club this semester, but that she has been on the E-board for a while. She said that other positions she has held include secretary and publicity. The club is recognized by Keene State College, has an advisor and is funded.

Hobbs said, “Usually we meet once a week or once every two weeks. It fluxuates from semester to semester as to how many club members we have. This semester we have 31 players, and usually we have anywhere from 40 to 60 people playing.”

Besides playing the game, Hobbs said the club does a charity event every semester. “We co-host the event with Alpha Sigma Phi; they are kind of our cohorts in this. There are people who are in the fraternity that are also apart of our club,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs said the best part about the club is that there are a lot of different people, and that it’s a great way to make friends.

Treasurer and double major with secondary education and English sophomore Talia Follansbee said she really enjoys the missions, but also the teamwork that is put into the game. “It’s leadership skills that you get to learn through the game as well,” Follansbee said.

Follansbee has been a part of the club for two years now, and on the e-board for one. She said she found interest in the club before coming to Keene State because she knew someone already in the club who thoroughly enjoyed it and was always excited about it.

“Being treasurer of the club I don’t do much for most of the year and then I do everything all at once. I have to make sure we have enough nerf guns and darts to supply everyone with. I also have to make sure that everyone has their bandanas. I make sure the blasters we have rented out are kept in order; who has what. I plan and help run missions and make sure everything is written down,” Follansbee said.

Follansbee said that it varies from semester to semester whether you are a zombie or human. She also added that people should consider joining the club.

Class of 2011 Keene State Alumni Adam Haenchen is still a part of the club even after graduating. He said that he has been a part of the club since he went to KSC himself, adding up to about seven years.

“The nightly missions are my favorite part. They’re pretty good, especially the indoor mission where you get to take over either the student center or the gym for the night and we play indoors,” Haenchen said.

Haenchen said that he comes back to Keene to play because he enjoys the game and the people he gets to play with.

Haenchen said, “Joining the club meant I had the chance to run around campus with a nerf gun. Initially a friend [Ben Piche] got me into the club and he actually had started something like it at his house in high school. He is the one who started the club here. Ben was a year or two behind me which is part of the reason I came back to play since we only got to play together for two years I wanted to be able to play more.”

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