The New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission passed a bill last Wednesday approving hunting and trapping seasons for bobcats.

According to the Associated Press, the commission voted five to four in Concord, during a meeting attended by over 100 people, to pass a bill that has been talked about for over 25 years.

In 1989, the population of bobcats was at an alarming low of fewer than 200 and hunting and trapping season for bobcats was put to a stop, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission.

However, according to multiple sources, the bobcat population has rebounded greatly over the past quarter of a century. According to the Associated Press, there are approximately 14 hundred bobcats in New Hampshire, and 50 permits allowing for the trapping and hunting of bobcats will be issued through a lottery.

Personally, I am appalled at this decision.

I do not believe that any positive change will come from this decision. Only a small minority of the population will benefit from this.

I see no reason for a bobcat-hunting season, as bobcat sightings are not particularly common, and therefore do not pose any significant issues for the community.

I believe that we should leave these beautiful creatures alone, as the purpose for hunting them may revolve around recreation.

It has always been extremely important for me to remember that animals are here with us, and not for us. That being said, I do understand that there can be times when hunting is admissible.

When animals that are hunted for the purpose of becoming resources for humans, I can acknowledge that this could be beneficial.

Sacrificing a life for the purpose of using what’s left as food is an idea that I personally do not wish to participate in, but I do not look down upon those who do.

I can acknowledge that hunting locally with the intent to feed one’s self can also help with the issue of factory farming, a problem that is incredibly cruel and causes a number of environmental issues.

There are specific situations where I feel that hunting can be morally acceptable, but bobcat hunting does not fall into that category.

Hunting for sport is not something that I agree with. I find it cruel and unfair to the animals hunted, who are forced to endure pain and suffering for the purpose of “sport.”

These are living creatures that I believe should be respected.

Before the ban in 1989, bobcat hunting was allowed and often unregulated, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission.

The Associated Press stated that this issue yielded the biggest response for public comment in years, and that much of it was negative.

While there are those in favor of passing the bill, there appears to be a large population of those who want to watch the bobcat population continue to expand, including myself.

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