The Zorn Dining Commons has started an initiative with two other student organizations to motivate students and engage them in living a healthier lifestyle through awareness.

Unit Marketing Coordinator for Sodexo Suzanne Becker and Keene State Dining Marketing Intern Ben Colombo started the “Get Fit February initiative of health and wellness with five other student interns.

“We’re trying to educate students about different opportunities on campus as well as getting them involved on what’s going on [on campus],” Becker said.

Becker continued, “The long term goal is increasing the activeness of students, making wise choices and trying to incorporate exercise into their day. I have a health and wellness background as well.”

The Get Fit February initiative has involved the Barbell Club and the Jujitsu Club to increase student involvement on campus.

Contributed photo / Suzanna Becker

Contributed photo / Suzanna Becker

Becker said, “We’re trying to see if other student organizations are interested in coming to the Dining Commons and expressing or showing their heartbeat and getting to know students on campus and showing their opportunities on campus.”

President of the Barbell Club Roger Creekmore commented on the number of new members he has gained for collaborating with the dining commons. “I think it’s going well because we gained twenty to thirty people who were interested in our club, which is great because obviously we would love to gain membership,” Creekmore said.

Colombo explained how these students clubs have participated so far. “We had the Jujitsu Club come in, which they ran a demonstration on proper technique. They did some things with take-downs. They got an opportunity to kind of promote their club,” Colombo said.

Colombo continued, “The Barbell Club did something similar. They’re kind of coming in and wanting to promote their own club and they focused on proper lifting techniques and the types of workouts that they would take part in within their own club. ”

According to Creekmore, the Barbell Club held a demonstration in the dining commons. The club had weights and barbells and gave out free shaker bottles to students who could do five to ten burpees, a gymnastic workout.

“We were just showing what our club does really. We work out usually every day with a group of five to ten people and we were just demonstrating what that is we do with the crossfit lifts and Olympic lifting,” Creekmore said.

According to Colombo, the dining commons provided the Barbell Club with these shaker bottles in order to create initiative for students to participate.

Colombo mentioned that he promotes Get Fit February through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote events, student involvement and healthy options in the dining commons and in Lloyd’s.

Creekmore said that there are signs at different stations in the dining commons, which informs students on what they can eat to be healthier.

Contributed photo / Suzanna Becker

Contributed photo / Suzanna Becker

Becker commented on the different signs in the dining commons that promote health and wellness for students. “There has been a bit of response from the students by the placement of the posters. They’ve had a big impact. We haven’t tracked the trends of anything. That would be our next goal if we do it again in the future,” Becker said.

Colombo and Creekmore also commented on the success of this health and wellness initiative.

Colombo said, “I’m pretty happy with the way things have turned out. It’s been a really good experience. I think the groups themselves have said that this is the most exposure that they have ever gotten and this is the first time that a lot of kids have really wanted to be involved.”

Creekmore said, “I think it is going well. I’ve seen a lot of options around the dining commons.”

Becker spoke of future initiatives for the next couple of months this semester. According to Becker, a health and wellness intern will be focusing on a nutrition component. In April, the Dining Commons will be focusing on sustainability. Each initiative revolving around a healthy lifestyle.

Becker and Colombo said they wish to have other student organizations participate in their health initiatives in the following months.

Creekmore said the Barbell Club wants to gain a better relationship with the dining commons and increase student engagement.

“I would love to do some more with them if they have anything planned,” Creekmore said.

Becker pointed out that she looks forward to more events happening in the dining commons and that there will be more to come.

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