Sticking to the morals you were raised with can be difficult for college students on their own for the first time.

There is a constant pressure to use drugs, drink alcohol or have sex.

First-year Keene State College student and double major in elementary education and English Allie Cardinal said that since being at KSC she has had an easy time sticking to the morals she had coming into college.

“I have friends who have the same morals as I do so it works out well for me,” Cardinal said.

Cardinal said she is not at all okay with drugs, but that drinking is okay as long as people are responsible and sex is fine as long as the individuals are comfortable with it.

“I haven’t really experienced peer pressure here at college because I haven’t hung out with anyone that would do that,” Cardinal said.

Cardinal said that it is important to stick to your personal morals.

Photo Illustration by Tim Smith / Photo Editor

Photo Illustration by Tim Smith / Photo Editor

“If you want to go places in life, you have to make sure you know what is right to you,” Cardinal said, ”If you lose your morals you’re losing a part of you. Morals also show the way you were raised and people will respect you for it. If you stick to them in college especially while you’re on your own people will have even more respect for you.”

Sophomore and secondary education major Brittni Zeboski agreed that it is important to stick to your personal morals.

“There have been times throughout my college experience, and certain things that have influenced my morals and clouded my judgment, but you always have to get yourself back on track,” Zeboski said.

Zeboski wouldn’t say that she has been peer pressured, but there are some nights during the weekends when her friends are going out and they have the ability to persuade her into also going.

“I do go out on most weekends because it’s nice to have fun with your friends after a stressful week, but it’s also nice to stay in some weekend nights and watch a movie and order pizza,” Zeboski said.

Zeboski said that it is important to stick to your morals, especially while being young.

“Without morals you’ll end doing things you regret and you’ll be unhappy with yourself,” she said.

Sophomore and double major in Elementary Education and Psychology Molly Dolan said her morals have shifted since being in college.

“I have definitely given into the typical college party scene while at school. I knew I would ‘party’ but I never thought I would be doing it so often,” Dolan said.

While being at college, Dolan said she has experienced peer pressure.

“For example if I don’t go out one night someone might call me ‘lame’ or ‘no fun,’” Dolan said.

Dolan agreed with Cardinal and Zeboski that sticking to your morals is important.

“You are more confident with your decisions. A person should be able to live their life and make decisions in confidence so that there isn’t any questioning regarding their morals,” Dolan said.

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