Super Bowl Sunday is a holiday not only observed by the football fanatics of America – social butterflies and commercial-lovers alike also look forward to the American tradition.

Super Bowl 50 is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016.

Keene State College students spoke up about their Super Bowl Sunday plans.

KSC sophomore and Resident Assistant Brittany LaFleur said that she does not consider herself a real football fan.

However, LaFleur said that the rest of the residential life staff is thoroughly invested in football, so she has been getting more acquainted with the sport this past year.

“The social aspect for me this season has just been hanging out with my staff as they watch the game,” LaFleur said, “It’s really funny and amusing to see how much they get into the game. Their excitement actually wore off on me during this past game when the last minute was so intense. Maybe I’ll watch more football next year because of that.”

LaFleur plans on celebrating Super Bowl Sunday by putting on a program for her Pondside  III residents.

George Amaru /Art Director

George Amaru /Art Director

“At this program there will be lots of food and tons of fun with friends, as we watch the game together,” LaFleur explained.

According to LaFleur, all of the residence halls on campus will be hosting similar programs.

KSC senior Matthew Marrello said that he doesn’t have definitive plans for Super Bowl 50, but the day will probably consist of “pizza, beer and chicken wings.”

Marrello, who said he considers himself a huge football fan, said, “I play fantasy football every year, and try to keep track of all the games.”

Marrello said that he takes pride in not being a Patriots fan, and wears a Baltimore Ravens jersey whenever they play.

“I watch football every week,” Marrello said, “Sometimes if they are important games, I have parties. I’m looking forward to this year’s Super Bowl.”

KSC senior Lukas Irizarry said, “I would be doing a disservice to other football fans if I called myself one.”

That being said, Irizarry said that though he doesn’t often watch the sport, he usually finds himself at least moderately entertained when he does.

“I do not watch football religiously or regularly. My philosophy has always been that I would rather ‘do’ than ‘watch.’ The same is true of football,” Irizarry explained, “I can either watch people run around on a field with their friends, or I can grab my friends and go run around on a field. I’d prefer the latter.”

For Super Bowl 50, Irizarry has tentative plans: “I hope to get together with friends and do the usual–subs, drinks, cheering and laughing at the commercials. The Super Bowl serves as a great experience if for nothing else than the sheer length of it. The four and a half hours stretch the millennial attention span hundreds of times past its normal limit.”

Of the social aspect of the games, Irizarry continued, “In an age where everyone has their face perpetually in their phones, the Super Bowl serves as an excellent reminder of the social potential you have with your friends.”

Irizarry added, “I admire people who can keep up with it religiously. It’s impressive to watch them rattle off facts at the drop of a dime. I’ve heard it said that it’s like following any TV show–you just learn the lay of the land after a while.”

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