Every Friday night at Scores Sports Bar & Grill in Keene, Keene State College alumnus Aaron Testa returns to the town of his alma-mater; however, his return isn’t for the purpose of academia. Testa – more commonly known when behind the DJ tables as DJ Testa – performs at this local restaurant and bar weekly at 10 p.m. to a crowd consisting predominantly of college students.

According to Dan Sullivan, a bouncer and security official at Scores, Testa not only has the experience of performing to college students, but also has the ability to generate a following through his ability of interpreting what listeners want to hear.

“DJ Testa brings more college students to Scores. He used to DJ at college parties and at Pumpkinfest back in 2013. He plays music that people want to hear, and the crowd reacts in a big way,” Sullivan said.

According to Sullivan, when you combine Testa’s background in performing to college students with his unique setlist, the positive feedback that Scores has experienced regarding its new DJ only seems like a natural consequence.

“Customers really seem to like him because he is a good guy on and off the tables…He definitely brought new music and works all different kinds of music genres into his set,” Sullivan said.

Although KSC students have access to a diverse list of possible activities for their Friday nights, KSC senior Christina Vlachos stated that she and her friends enjoy Scores the most because of the dancing and energetic atmosphere.

“Going to college in a town like Keene allows students access to countless things to do like going out to eat, or going to the movies or anything really. But personally, I love going to Scores because that’s where so many students are, and of course the dancing,” Vlachos said.

The fact that Testa is an alumnus of KSC also adds to the charm of him DJing at this establishment, Vlachos said.

“I am currently a second semester senior, so being exposed to a Keene State graduate who is pursuing a job he wants to do is kind of reassuring, especially with all the last-minute nerves having to do with the uncertainties of post-graduation,” Vlachos said.   

Vlachos, much like many of the current KSC seniors, views Keene as her home. She said this is why having examples of students who have returned – whether it be just for a weekend or for a longer commitment – brings reassurance to seniors who are hesitantly anticipating their departure.

“I don’t know if I would say that I want to live in Keene forever necessarily, but knowing that there is always opportunity here makes the whole graduating thing seem less scary,” Vlachos said.

Despite the many occupational opportunities provided by the area, the community created by the college and its students is what is most dependable, Vlachos said.

“By the time you are a senior, Keene becomes such a small, close-knit community that leaving it seems threatening,” Vlachos said, “It’s comfortable knowing that you are welcome back and just seeing students like Testa who embrace that is nice,” Vlachos said.

Amanda Lashua can be contacted at alashua@kscequinox.com.

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