Halloween has passed, but the memory of all the costumes still lingers in everyone’s minds. Weeks and weeks of planning outfits for Halloween is over. Now students just get to remember the thousands of costumes they saw this year.

Keene State College senior Alicia Berry said, “I love halloween and I think the costumes are so fun.” Berry said she switched it up this year and, instead of being a witch like she said she usually is every year, she decided to be a cat. “I have little cat ears and I have a tail. I’ve worn this outfit all weekend” Berry said. Berry also said she got the costume from Party City. the coolest costume Berry saw this year was Gwen Stefani.

Cat costumes were very popular this year. Will Wilde, a Keene State College sophomore, said he saw at least 40 different cat costumes this Halloween. “I dressed up as a marvel character, but while I was out I saw tons of different costumes.” Wilde continued, “I was really impressed with the amount of different costumes I saw. I wasn’t expecting to see some of them, people were really creative this year.” When asked to elaborate on the types of costumes, Wilde said he saw a lot of Avengers and Disney characters, inanimate objects and even fruit and vegetable costumes.

Creative costumes seemed to be a theme this year. Ally McNamee and Brona Kilburn, both juniors at Keene State College, decided to get creative and make their own costumes. “We are gonna be scuba divers. We’re dressing in all black, we’re  taping two-litre bottles together and painting them,” McNamee said.

Contrubuted photos / Taylor Darcy, Jessica Leone and Monica Doorley

Contrubuted photos / Taylor Darcy, Jessica Leone and Monica Doorley

“We decided to do this at the beginning of October, Ally found it on Pinterest and we thought it would be fun.” Kilburn said, “We might even get one of our friends to dress up as a shark and follow us around.”

The two friends didn’t just dress up as scuba divers, McNamee said she also dressed up as Little Bo Peep. “I made my costume. I bought pieces for it and then put it together to make the costume,” McNamee said. The coolest costume McNamee said she had seen was a guy dressed up as a Keg.

Kilburn said she also dressed up as Barbie from Toy Story one night. “I bought the whole outfit and put it together,” Kilburn said.

Kayla Lopez, a KSC sophomore, said she decided to dress up as a nun one night. “I saw it on Pinterest and thought it would be cool,” Lopez said. For the night of Halloween Lopez decided to be a Ninja Turtle. Lopez said her and a friend decided to dress up together for the Ninja Turtle outfit and took a trip to Spirit Halloween to buy it. The coolest costume she said she saw was Netflix and Chill. The Netflix and Chill costume was two people with one shirt that said Netflix and the other said Chill.

Halloween passed by with thousands of different costumes on display by the students here at Keene State College. Some outfits were more creative than others, like the scuba divers and Netflix and Chill; some worse costumes that are chosen every year like cats and witches.

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