Every student at Keene State College has unearned privileges they may not notice. What I mean by unearned privileges is that they have opportunities that did not require as much work to obtain.

There are many people who dream of going to college but cannot afford it. When I look around KSC I am constantly reminded that there are unearned privileges all around us.

For example some students at KSC are debt free because their parents are paying for this education.

The students that have their parents pay for their college education yet complain about going to class and don’t realize they have the opportunity to get an education and not having to pay for it themselves is a huge privilege.

I am not saying all people don’t realize this huge privilege. I have met people here who know that getting an education is a huge privilege.

I also have realized when parents pay for their child to go to college the student is more likely not to take their education seriously. These students are typically easier to find. They tend to skip their classes and not study or do homework. This makes me a bit angry because it feels like a smack in the face since I do not have that unearned privilege of being debt-free.

If you are in college you should do your homework and go to class regardless of who is paying for it.

College athletes have unearned privileges, it is usually offered in a scholarship form. If they play for the school most of them will manage a scholarship that they probably would have to work hard for.

I know some athletes who always go to the library to work their butts off to keep a high GPA.

I also know some athletes who never write notes down or pay attention in class and somehow still manage to “pass” the class.

They may even be granted unfair academic forgiveness if they fail an assignment so they wouldn’t lose their scholarship and spot on the team.

An interesting factor I realized while observing students on campus is that if a student is not debt-free and has to take out loans to pursue their education they are more likely to work harder in their classes, resulting in a higher grade point average (GPA) than students who have parents paying for their college.

Now, not everyone who has their parents pay for their education is slacking off, it is just more common that the debt-free students take that for granted.

I had to take loans out to pursue my education at KSC and I work very hard in my classes to get a B or better because when I graduate I am going to have to pay for my loans.

Most of the students on campus have a cell phone, which is another unearned privilege. I also have one although my parents bought my cell phone and pay my phone bills.

I didn’t recognize this at first, but when I came to KSC I realized that like my cell phone, working towards an education is considered an unearned privilege.

I took my cell phone for granted. I am now grateful that my parents are able to provide me with a cell phone and pay the bill for it.

Another unearned privilege I see that many college students on campus have is a car. I constantly see first-hand how people take this for granted.

I do not have a car, so therefore I have to either walk or take the shuttle to get to my destination.

I know many people who have a car they did not have to buy themselves.

This is wonderful for them, however they are most likely to complain about paying for their own gas.

I know some people who don’t even have to pay for their gas because their parents pay for it and yet they complain.

If you have a car and you don’t have to pay for the car or gas then you are forbidden to complain.

There are unearned privileges all around us, just be sure to recognize your unearned privileges and not take them for granted.

Also, do not complain about it either because there is someone out there who would like to be in your shoes.

Leigha Hall can be contacted at lhall@kscequinox.com

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