I will admit, just like the rest of Patriots nation, I expected a much better game out of the Pats this past Sunday night.

The “Deflategate” revenge tour rolled through Indianapolis to dismember the team that started it all, the Indianapolis Colts.

I expected to see blood. Lots of blood.

I was personally hoping to see at least 60 points put up on the Patriots side of the scoreboard.

I have to give the Colts credit though.

Jake Coughlin / Administrative Executive Editor

Jake Coughlin / Administrative Executive Editor

They kept it interesting.

They played a really competitive game.

At no point at all in the game was I worried that we might lose, but nevertheless they kept it closer than expected.

It was clear that the Colts were aware that the end game here for the Patriots was to embarrass them for all the hell that was dealt to them following the “deflategate” fiasco. Fortunately for us Patriots fans, even though it wasn’t the best game out of the Pats, the Colts managed to embarrass themselves far more than we ever could.

I, of course, am referring to the infamous fake punt that was called by the Colts coaching staff at the tail end of the third quarter.

In case you were unable to view the worst play I’ve ever seen in my life, I will briefly explain.

The Colts lined up to punt the ball to the Patriots toward the end of the third quarter. Suddenly, the entire Colts team except for the a backup wide receiver and safety shifted to the right side of the field. The wide receiver and safety then lined up completely by themselves and snapped the ball together and were immediately tackled by what seemed like the entire Patriots 53-man roster.

It was without a doubt the most idiotic play call I have ever seen.

To me, a play that idiotic can only be attributed to one man. Bill Belichick.

I’m sure you’re all confused saying, “but Jake, you love Bill Belichick!”

Of course I do, my point is, the fact that the Colts coaching staff full of professional football minds was SO intimidated by Bill Belichick’s brain that they honestly decided to run a fake punt that was THAT idiotic is just incredible.

It just goes to show how much other coaches around the NFL are terrified of big bad Bill.

I can’t wait to see how a rookie head coach like Todd Bowles of the New York Jets cowers in fear when Bill, Brady, and the Pats ride back into Foxborough next week.

Oh, and to the Indianapolis Colts, R.I.P.

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