There has always been the argument of which is better to have, a cat or a dog? Both dogs and cats are the most common pets for people to own.

I’ll start off by saying that I have never owned a dog. I have had a cat in my house my whole life; I LOVE cats.

Cats are known to be mean and not have as many feelings, whereas dogs are known to be more loving and playful.

Most opinions are made based off  personal experiences or knowledge. Someone who has lived with dogs their whole life will most likely agree that dogs are the better pet to own. That makes sense because it is the only type of pet they know.

When deciding what pet would be the best option, it is important to know the amount of care and attention that each animal needs to receive. According to, cats are usually cheaper and less demanding, whereas dogs are loyal and obedient, but require more attention.

The website talked about how to choose between the two by looking at how much time would be dedicated to the pet.

I already know that cats are easier to leave alone, especially for long periods of time. Cats are good pets to have if the owner is a traveler because they don’t have to be taken outside to go to the bathroom.

Whenever my family has gone away on vacation we would just have a neighbor come over and check on our cat every other day. Just leave the cat a couple bowls of food and water and they will be all set for the next few days.

In contrast, dogs have to be exercised and groomed. When going through the process of searching for a dog to purchase, the size of the animal can be a big deciding factor.

Larger dogs might need more space and go through food quicker than smaller dogs. I’ve always wanted a dog (Golden Retriever), but I know that if I one day do decide to own one I have to be prepared to take them with me wherever I go, and if not to put them in doggy day-care.

Putting a dog in doggy day-care means dropping a couple extra bucks for each visit. . Fast Friends Greyhound Rescue in Swanzey, New Hampshire, offers day-care and boarding. The cost of dropping a dog off for the day is 16 dollars for a full day and 12 dollars for a half day.

This doesn’t seem like a lot to spend, but if a dog is being put in day-care for a full day all week, that’s about 112 dollars a week. That doesn’t include the gas to get there and back.

Fast friends also offers grooming for dogs. The cost for a large dog to get groomed is 55 dollars. This includes shampoo, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning and scissoring or clipping work.

Cats are much easier to care for because they don’t have to be put in a day-care and don’t have to be groomed because they clean themselves. Even somebody who owns a dog wouldn’t be able to say otherwise.

Besides the cost of these pets and how to care for them, both cats and dogs can be loving animals. I think that if they are taken care of properly and loved unconditionally, they will do the same for their owners.

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