Sisters Sami and Casi Smith don’t even have to talk to one another to know what they have to do during a game.

Junior and center forward on the field hockey team, Sami Smith, has been going to the same school as her younger sister Casi ever since they were little.

“Going to college and having Casi be here is nothing new,” Sami said.

Casi, sophomore and defender said that they’ve been going to school together since she was in the first grade, although there were some years they both attended different schools.

There’s something that just clicks with the Smith sisters, and captain Kayla Renaud has noticed it.

Photo Editor / Tim Smith

Photo Editor / Tim Smith

“They have an underlying communication when they are on the field,” Renaud said.

The sisters themselves said they can completely read each other while they’re in the game.

“Casi knows exactly what to do when I just give her ‘the look’,” Sami said.

Whether it’s at practice or during a game, the Smith sisters said they can always tell what the other wants.

“We always know what we’re looking for, it’s like we’re playing with headphones in all the time,” Casi said.

The two have been playing field hockey together since Sami was in eighth grade, for a total of seven years playing on the same team. They’ve had time to figure out the game and how it works for them as a two-person team. Playing off each other not only improved their relationship on the field, but as sisters as well.

“It makes us closer more than anything because we’re going through the same things and are around all the same people,” Sami said.

The dynamic they have together works great for the team; just being able to have that one-step ahead at all times is an advantage. Even though they act as if they have the same mind on the field, they are two very different people.

“Both girls are very different, but it brings great variety to the team,” Renaud said. Casi said she thinks of herself as the one with more responsibility.

“Even though I’m younger coach will usually go to me when she wants something done,” Casi said.

On the other hand, Sami thinks of them as very different but still similar. “We’re sort of opposites, but at the same time very similar,” Sami said. She continued and said they are both outgoing, friendly and easygoing.

With any siblings there are always ups and downs, especially when they’re in the same school.

“It’s nice to have the support, she’s always there and there’s nothing better than your big sister,” Casi said.

Sami said she looks out for her younger sister at all times, “If anything, I’m harder on Casi than anyone else,” Sami said.

Although they seem like they mesh perfectly, even siblings that get along so well get on each others nerves.“We get annoyed with each other all the time, but we have totally different friend groups and make everything work,” Sami said.

She continued, “But if we ever need each other we’d be there.”

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