I want to preface this article by saying that I have never played for the Keene State Basketball program. However, my father, Dean Prentiss, used to have the pleasure of calling KSC basketball games on the radio with play-by-play man and KSC alum, Bob Lund.

During that time, I spent countless hours at Spaulding Gym as well as on the road with the team. I idolized players like Chris Coates, Alphonse Michalski, Bennett Pawlusiak and too many others to list. Keep in mind, I was a 10-year-old kid who LOVED the game of basketball. Coach Colbert let me ride the bus, sit on the bench during games and be the water boy for his team.

That in itself speaks to the kind of character and family atmosphere that Coach Colbert instills in his program. Fast Forward to 2011. I was a young kid who had just started my journey as a student at Keene State. Coach saw me  in the gym and pulled me aside.

He told me that if I needed anything at all, he was always there to lend a helping hand, and he told me not to hesitate to reach out to him. Coach Colbert did not need to go out of his way to make me feel like I had a faculty member on my side.

He also didn’t need to tell me I was free to come by and watch his practices, or tell me that he would make calls on my behalf if I was serious about my aspirations to get involved in coaching. Coach Colbert isn’t just the basketball coach at Keene State. He is a leader of men.

He loves this school and this community in general. You can ask any player that has ever stepped foot on the campus of Keene State, and they will tell you that winning is important, but character is paramount. Keene State will be making a big mistake by parting ways with Coach Colbert.

He is a winner, a fiery competitor and a man that I hold in the highest regard. I still frequently speak with Alphonse Michalski today and he still tells me that I am part of the “Owl Basketball Family” and I truly feel that I am, without ever playing a minute.

Connor Prentiss

58 Spring St

Keene, N.H

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