Despite their high demand around the area to perform at various events, many people are unaware of the talent  Keene State College’s acapella group Chock Full O’Notes (CFON) has to offer.

President of CFON and senior at KSC, Katie Tordonato said the group is often asked to perform at various events including benefit concerts, sorority events and the yearly Relay for Life fundraiser. Additionally, they put on two shows a year on campus, one each semester.

She said currently at 17 members, CFON is not looking for new members at this time. However, many of the current members will be graduating in May, and they will be holding auditions for next semester. Tordonato said there are no required qualifications for being in the group. A potential member will learn everything necessary to know.

Bethany Ricciardi / Managing Executive Editor

Bethany Ricciardi / Managing Executive Editor

Tordonato said she has enjoyed her experience in the group. She said she tried out during her first semester at KSC and didn’t make it, but tried again the following semester and has been a member ever since. She described the group as a sort of family, saying that everyone just has fun while doing something they love. “It’s very casual,” she explained, “but we do work very hard. We just love it.”

The CFON Music Director, Julia Reinoehl, said she has also had a very rewarding four years in the group. As the music director, she is responsible for teaching everyone parts. The songs themselves, she said, are arranged by the people in the group.

The group takes votes when choosing which songs to sing and, according to current member Eric Mealey, the songs vary from folk songs to pop hits. Reinoehl said her experience in CFON actually inspired her to change from an elementary education major to a music education major.

“I just like doing it because I like connecting with the group of people,” Reinoehl said. “Every semester is different and it’s great to see how much we’ve grown.”

Interviewed members of CFON noted that the group as a whole has grown a lot over the years. Mealey explained how, in the past, alumni have come to see CFON sing and have told them that the group has never sounded so good. He said, “There’s a lot of talent, and it’s grown into a really awesome group.”

Mealey joined his first year at KSC after Reinoehl mentioned CFON in a mutual class. Mealey supports anyone interested in joining. He said, “Even though you might not be pursuing music as a career, there’s an outlet for you to express your artistic side and to do something that is fun, coming together with a group of people who all have the same interest.”

Anyone who might be interested in taking part in this experience can contact the group via their Facebook page, which is called “Chock Full O’Notes – Keene State Acappella.”

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