The United States of America is an amazing and beautiful place. Having travelled to multiple regions of the country, I can say that New England is the best. I would even dare say the best place on earth, because I know no matter where I go I will always want to come back.

This has happened multiple times when I have left the country. People defend their homes no matter what, but the culture, people and venues make this area great.

I grew up in Nashua, a southern city in New Hampshire right on the border of Massachusetts.

Growing up, I always heard ‘Boston this, and Boston that.’ It was deeply engraved in my head, and, ask anyone, I will defend that city to death.

Philip Bergeron / Graphic Design Editor

Philip Bergeron / Graphic Design Editor

The New England area is a hard-working one that has gone through many ups and downs. The Boston Marathon bombing further unionized the people of New England, forming a momentum of being “Boston Strong.”

The New England Patriots have recently won their fourth Super Bowl. Sports are a huge part of the culture here in New England. People live and breathe sports, some even go as far as viewing Tom Brady as a God.

People wonder why others get too involved in sports, ‘Why are they screaming at the television?’ ‘Why are they crying after a game?’ Well, it’s because, here in New England, it is far more than just a game.

It is about passion. Those Sunday afternoons you spend with your family watching the game, those days where you can forget about the stress and workload you have. The days where you were proud to say you’re from New England. It is about the experience overall.

Since I can remember I have heard the name Tom Brady, the kid who was drafted in 2000. For many of us it has been a household name since we were little — I was only eight when I first learned who  Brady was.

There are many like me who look up to these players as idols. It is a sport and everyone knows it, but us die-hard fans will never view it as just a game.

New England fans have been spoiled in the last decade.

With the New England Patriots winning four Super Bowls, the Boston Red Sox winning two World Series and the Boston Bruins winning a Stanley Cup in the last decade, Boston is the most victorious of any city within professional sports.

Now, with all of this it has infused the expectations of New Englanders. They expect the same work ethic in their players year-in and year-out.

This has increased the passion for all sports here, but some people argue that it is a waste of time. Some people do not agree with the profits that the NFL makes and the amount of money they pay their players, which is understandable as the league now pays players millions.

The passion is simply passed down and people put the million-dollar salaries past them, using their hard-earned money to buy a ticket to a game. Here in New England, championships are now almost expected and the love for all sports will continue to flourish for generations to come.

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