The Student Assembly approved budget increases for several campus organization the next fiscal year in their Nov. 18 meeting.

To expand their budgets the four organizations had fee increases that exceeded the average three percent increase of other organizations. These four groups presented to the Student Assembly to discuss why the increases exceeded three percent.

Christine Burke presented for the Center for Health and Wellness. She said the main reason for the increase was because, “There was a concern for after-hour support.” According to Burke, the Center for Health and Wellness has seen a 20 percent increase of visitors this year.

“The need to extend coverage next year is extremely important,” she said.

Kent Drake-Deese from Residential Life presented next. He explained the increase in their fees come from housing changes starting next year. “It’s just amounting to making up for the loss of Tisdale,” he said. 1.17 million dollars will be last in revenue when Tisdale apartments are removed, Drake-Deese said.

The loss of Tisdale also impacted Dining Services. Assistant vice president of Student Affairs Paul Striffolino said there would be “$134,000 lost to the dining program,” after the loss of Tisdale Apartments. The increase in fees will help make up for this loss in revenue.

Finally, Brian Quigley from the Counseling Center talked to the Assembly about the increased fees for the organization.

“We’ve struggled to address the issues that young people with substance abuse face,” Quigley said. The Counseling Center plans on focusing “much more attention to outreach and prevention in the KSC community,” he added.

The student Assembly approved all these increases, as well as the increases that fell between no increase and the three percent threshold.

Kathryn Sleeman, a co-chair for the “Relay for Life” organization presented her group to the assembly. The organization would like to become a club because, “A lot of people don’t recognize the race if it’s not a club,” she said.

The Student Assembly approved the group’s constitution.

The Environmental Outing Club requested funding for their spring trip to the Grand Canyon. The group plans on canoeing in the canyon, a trip that will cost a total of $14,811.60. They requested $6,789.60 and were recommended to get $4,890.40 by the Finance Committee.

“Getting students at KSC outside and being active is the goal of the club,” the president of the club said. He said the club is one of the most active clubs on campus, with events every week and hikes every other week. This trip is the most important trip of the year, he said.

The assembly approved of the recommended amount, with four members of assembly opposing.


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