On Tuesday, Nov. 5, the Off-Campus Housing Fair took place in the L.P. Young Student Center during the afternoon. 

This was a time for rising seniors and juniors to meet with landlords to find the perfect fit for an off-campus home heading into the upcoming school year.

Philip Bergeron / Graphic Design Editor

Philip Bergeron / Graphic Design Editor

Various realtors and landlords had tables set up to tell students what houses and apartments they have available for rent.

A few tables that were there had representatives from Arcadia Apartments, Keene Cribs, Rive Gauche Realty and many others.

After living on campus for two years, as required by Keene State College, some students want to venture off campus and take on more responsibility by renting an apartment or house.

Keene offers many rentals for students varying from apartments to entire houses. There are plenty of options, whether students want to live with friends or on their own.

“I loved living in Pondside II as a junior, but I’m looking for more freedom in an off-campus apartment next year,” Jillian Marlowe said, “I think everyone should have at least one year living outside of campus to get used to being an adult.”

Marlowe said she will be moving into Arcadia Apartments next fall. Marlowe said that Arcadia Apartments offers three or four bedroom, fully furnished apartments.

They have one year or nine month leases available. Junior Ian Lemley lived in Arcadia Apartments this school year but said he is looking for a house to live in rather than an apartment for next year.

“I really enjoyed living in Arcadia but it still felt like a dorm room because of the setup. Me and my buddies are in the process of signing a lease with Keene Cribs on Winchester Court for next year,” Lemley said.

Trevor Grauer, a landlord of Keene Cribs, said he thinks that it is vital for students to live off campus during their college career.

“It’s a great learning experience — it’s one step closer to being in the real world. There’s more responsibility and freedom,” Grauer stated.

There is a new off-campus option for students next year.

The Mills of Keene is currently under construction on Ralston Street.

This is a new apartment building that will offer two, three and four bedroom apartments.

There is also AC in all units, on site laundry and an on site fitness center.

“I live on Willow Street currently, but next year I’ll be moving into The Mills. I really liked living in a house, but it will be easier to live in The Mills since we don’t have to worry about our electricity or gas bill,” Junior James Seward said, “It should be pretty cool, especially since it will be brand new. I’m excited.”

Sophomore Laura Maye also said she may be living in The Mills next year.

She said, “It just seems like the best option. It will be a good transition from living in a dorm to an off-campus home.”

Living off campus can also be more cost efficient.

“All of our off campus housing is cheaper than living in the dorms, especially with the time you get in your houses,” Grauer said.

When school breaks occur and the college closes down, off-campus homes do not.


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