Lambda Pi Eta, Keene State College’s Communication Honors Society, held a costume party and karaoke event on Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 8 p.m. in the Night Owl Café. The Lambda Pi Eta executive board creates events for students and professors to socialize and network within the organization.

Faculty Advisor for Lambda Pi Eta, Dr. Chitra Akkoor, explained that the idea behind hosting events is a way for students to meet others within their major.

Hannah Rettig / Equinox Staff

Hannah Rettig / Equinox Staff

Akkoor said, “We’re trying to balance the academic piece with the fun. Having events like a karaoke night helps students and professors meet and connect. When we invite students from the major together and new freshmen who are interested in the major, it offers the younger students a way to get help or mentoring from their seniors and it’s a great networking avenue. Something fun and casual like a costume party with laid back karaoke helps everyone relax and really get to know each other.”

Danielle Hoadley, the vice president of Lambda Pi Eta who dressed as Elsa from “Frozen” and sang the popular “Frozen” song “Let it Go,” said, “Our organization holds these events to keep the communication department active. It’s fun to get up and sing, while hanging out with friends who share common interests.”

Students gathered in the NOC to show off their costumes and sing their favorite songs, according to Hoadley.

This event was also held last year and proved to be a success, Akkoor said.

Akkoor and Hoadley applauded the NOC advertising the event and assistance during it.

Hoadley said, “They were great; They made posters and helped get the word out. As a group, we all helped share the event on Facebook and I think a lot of advertisement was by word of mouth.”

The event, was for those involved in Lambda Pi Delta and the Communication Department at KSC, was also open to the public as a means for networking.

Guest Jenna Foley said she found out about the event through Facebook and a few of her friends who planned to attend. “I thought it sounded like a good time and it’s always nice meeting people at things like this. The idea is great because while you’re getting to know people, or hanging out with people you know, you’re also having fun.”

Another student, Julia Janson, found out about the event simply by walking into the NOC and seeing everyone enjoying themselves.

Janson said, “I think it’s great that a major department is putting on events like this. It shows that both learning and enjoying ourselves is important.”

While tying in education with fun on the side, students get to meet others, connect with peers and professors and reach out of their comfort zones while on stage.

Akkoor said, “Students and professors can connect in fun ways, too. I got up and sang, just like the students.”

Janson explained, “This time last year, I wouldn’t have been able to get up in front of people I didn’t know and sing. But I did it and I loved it so much that I did it like, four times. I love singing, but I mainly keep it in the shower.”

Foley agreed, “Karaoke is always a good time, I know I used to have a lot of stage fright but honestly, singing is a way to boost confidence now. We all did it, so there’s nothing to be intimated by. And those who were really nervous got to sing in groups. It’s just genuine fun.”

Lambda Pi Eta plans to continue holding a few more events throughout the academic school year with the same idea — to host a good time with the potential for connections and friendships to be made, according to Akkoor.


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