The brain is made up of four lobes: frontal, temporal, occipital and parietal.

People may notice that everyone’s personality and even taste in movies are different, but some may wonder:  If we are all  made up of the same parts, why do we enjoy different things?

Within our brains, our lobes are partially occupied by our likes and dislikes.

Dr. David Sousa is an International Consultant in Educational Neuroscience. On his post “What is Mathematics” for his WordPress blog  “How the Brain Learns: The Blog,” Sousa said the temporal lobe is what deals with sounds, music, object recognition and parts of long-term memory. The frontal lobe, Sousa said, is what holds onto people’s personalities.

Betsy Thompson / Equinox Staff

Betsy Thompson / Equinox Staff

Sophomore Dylan Renner is a music major and said the movie he quotes the most is “Pineapple Express.”

Renner stated he first saw the movie when it was released into theatres in 2008 and still quotes it today.

Renner said he remembers the movie quotes over classroom material because humor is an element that appeals to him.

“The movie has a lot of feel good stoner jokes that many people my age can or just find hilarious,” Renner said.

Renner added the movie was hyped up a lot around the time, and Pineapple Express was also one of the first serious pro-marijuana movies to hit this generation.

Freshman Karissa Dunn had a different choice of film. Dunn is an early childhood education major and said she quotes the newest Disney release “Frozen” the most.

Dunn added that she first saw the film about three months ago and said today everyone knows what she is referencing. “My friends and I reference it a lot so it has become common knowledge at this point,” Dunn said. Dunn added that Disney movies are common knowledge to most people her age.

Liz Christian is a sophomore and said she quotes “Finding Nemo.”

Christian said she first saw the film when it came out in 2003.

Christian added the movies many memorable characters and Ellen DeGeneres’ hilarious role as Dory is what made the movie stick in her mind.

Although Renner, Dunn and Christian had different movie selections, they all agree that people will remember movie quotes because of the interest level they present. Christian said, “I think people tend to remember more inspiring, thought-provoking, badass, hilarious quotes in movies than the material they find completely uninteresting in class.”

Dunn disagreed with Christian, saying movie quotes are easier to recall because of the number of times people reference them.

Renner said he agreed with Christian that personal interest overpowers class discussions.

Renner said he remembers things that are personally appealing to him.

Renner stated, “I remember something funny much more than I remember something that is only ingested into my brain so I can spew out the answer on a test for a grade and then forget it.”


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